2015 National Forum Documents

Below are links to download program and presentation materials for the 2015 National Forum of State Nursing Workforce Centers Conference.

National Conference Program (16 meg) 
National Conference Program (small size format, 9 meg)

Keynote speaker materials (click on topic to download file)

Burke, Shelia. “Federal and State Policy Perspectives: Focusing and Targeting Collaborations to Achieve Impact”

Reinhard, Susan. “Five Years of Nurses Leading Change and Advancing Health”

Presenter materials (click on topic to download file)

Altman, Marian. “Transforming Clinical and Fiscal Outcomes through Staff Nurse Driven Change”

Armstrong, David. “Understanding and Using HRSA’s New Nursing Supply and Demand Model: A Panel Discussion”

Auerbach, David. “Nursing Workforce Dynamics, Supply, and Demand to 2030”

Ayars, Virginia. “Analyzing Nursing Workforce Data to Design Nursing Educational Strategies to Meet the Expanded Healthcare Needs of the Future in Alignment with the Affordable Care Act”

Barton, Amy. “Structured Post-Graduate Training for Nurse Practitioners”

Bonini, Susan. “The Integrated Nurse Pathway to a Baccalaureate Education: A Collaborative Model with Community Colleges and Universities”

Blumenthal, Casey. “Critical Access Hospital CEO Nurse Hiring Practices” 

Campbell, Catherine. “Filling in the Gaps: Integrating APRNs and PAs into the Rural Healthcare Workforce”

DesRoches, Catherine. “Will Expanding the Role of Nurse Practitioners to Meet the Growing Demand for Primary Care Increase Costs for Medicare?”

Dickow, Mary. “Lessons Learned from Action Coalitions to Implement Rural Nurse Residency Programs”

Dunker, Amanda. “Roles for Nurses in State Workforce Development Efforts: A Look at Initiatives by the National Governor‘s Association”

Flynn, Linda. “The Affordable Care Act, Nurse Supply, and Faculty Retention: Predictors of Intent to Leave Academic Nursing

Glicken, Anita. “Smiles for Life: Tracking Data on Diffusion of New Oral Health Knowledge and Skills that Address Health Disparities”

Greenspan, Valeda. “A Pilot Nurse Residency Program in Four Idaho Critical Care Hospitals”

Lauer, Pamela. “Collecting Nursing Workforce Demand Data: Challenges and Best Practices” (Handout) (Presentation)

McMenamin, Peter. “State of the Nursing Workforce 2020-2045: Two ‘Aging’ Trends that will affect the Market for RNs and the Educational Focus for RNs”

Palumbo, Mary Val. “Projecting the Way to 80% BSN Prepared Nurses in a Small Rural State”

Pinekenstein, Barbara. “Leadership Development: A Workforce Imperative: A Data Driven Approach to Strategy Development in Wisconsin”

Pittman, Patricia. “The Changing Roles of Registered Nurses in Pioneer ACOs”

Rambur, Betty PhD  “Workforce Implications of Payment Reform:  Renewed Opportunities for Nursing“

Salsberg, Ed. “Putting it all Together: What Have we Learned About the Future Supply and Demand for Nurses and How Can we Address our Knowledge Gaps?”

Spetz, Joanne. “Why are Registered Nurses Retiring Later”

Spetz, Joanne. “Drivers and Predictors of Nurse Practitioners Working in Rural Areas of the United States”

Spetz, Joannne. “Demand for Newly-Graduated Nurses: Will the Labor Market Recover?“

Spetz, Joanne. “Future Directions of Credentialing Research in Nursing”

Welton, John and Pappas, Sharon. “Value-Based Nursing Workforce”

Wheeler, Rebecca. “Perspectives of Doctoral Students in Nursing in Georgia”

Yakusheva, Olga. “Does the contribution of a Baccalaureate-prepared nurse to patient outcomes depend on the path to the degree and the quality of the program?”

Zangaro, George. “Understanding and Using HRSA’s New Nursing Supply and Demand Model: A Panel Discussion”