CCHN Leadership Development Workshops

What will I learn from Frontline Leadership Development Course?

Both the Frontline Leadership and Leadership Coaching workshops are courses that are customized for healthcare employees working in Community Health Centers. The Center has been offering this customized course since 2010.

In the Leadership Development course participants will develop greater skills and expertise in change management, diversity and culture, effective communication, conflict resolution and creating excellence in the Community Health Center workplace. These topics, among others, will be presented in this interactive workshop by expert faculty in a variety of teaching styles and presentation formats, including group activities, role playing, classroom games, and more.

Before the session begins, you will recruit a coach to attend the Intro to Coaching class.  Your coach cannot be your direct supervisor, but can be someone else in your organization.  He or she should be in a senior level  or executive level position and be someone you are comfortable talking openly with. After the Leadership workshop, to support you in developing your new skills, your coach will meet with you 30 minutes weekly, or one hour every other week, in person or over the phone. The exact time will need to be set up by you, the Leader.  By the end of the actual workshop, you will be prepared to develop a capstone project to be conducted and completed over a six month period.  Some examples have been “Improve Employee Engagement”, “Build a Highly Functioning Team”, and “Change Management”.

This training will provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to choose and implement a capstone project that fits your interests and the needs of your health center.  You will be able to strengthen and integrate the skills learned during this 4 day workshop through your capstone project, and your coach will support you throughout the process.

When is the Frontline Leadership workshop being held?

The dates for the next workshop have not been finalized at this point.

What will I learn in the Leadership Coaching course?

You will learn about coaching as a leadership skill in this 2-day Introduction to Coaching Workshop for managers and executives supporting, with the intent of supporting Frontline Leaders participating in the Leadership workshop.

Coaches will receive an overview of the leadership workshop, learn the difference between supervising and coaching, while also strengthening leadership skills in conflict resolution, active listening, creating a culture of inquiry and more. The aim of the coaching relationship is to ensure and support each leader’s development of new leadership skills in the work environment and while completing the capstone project.

Past participants have found this coaching experience to be an invaluable addition to their own leadership skills.  Within this interactive workshop, expert faculty will present a wide variety of topics and role-plays of how to be effective coaches for the leaders and ultimately for their entire organization. These teachings are reinforced and practiced after the workshop through structured monthly teleconference sessions called “Group Coaching Conversations”.  Here you are able to work through thought provoking concepts that build on workshop concepts. Both leaders and coaches will benefit from a robust experiential learning program through a six-month transformational learning process.

What will be expected of me following this workshop?

Coaches will meet weekly with their leaders for 30 minutes, or one hour every other week, in person or by phone, for approximately 6 months. This needs to be set up by the leader. Ongoing support for coaches will also be provided by the Center’s coaching staff through the above mentioned, one hour-long, monthly “Coffee Conversations” via teleconference. Coaching support is also available individually as needed.

For more information,  contact Mollie Strand at The Colorado Center for Nursing Excellence. Mollie can be reached at (303) 715-0343 ext. 10 or by email: This Leadership Development series is being sponsored with support from The Colorado Health Foundation.