Nursing Student Mentee Program

The benefits of this program for diverse nursing students include:

  1. Up to $3500 in financial support.
  2. Monthly mentoring and support for a period of one year from a skilled mentor/ nurse with a wide variety of nursing experience.
  3. Access to free tutoring
  4. Resources to help mitigate any academic and/or non-academic challenges during school
  5. Help with career planning and professional development
  6. A one-day Academic Success Course that will provide you with tools for success to help you navigate through the rigor of nursing school.  Full participation in this course is mandatory in order to receive any funding.  The date of this course will be emailed to you upon notification of acceptance into program.
  7. HRSA eligible recipients will receive up to $3500 over 1 year to help with educational expenses for those who fully participate in program.

Eligibility Criteria for mentees:

  • Students must be enrolled in an undergraduate nursing program in CO (ADN, BSN, or RN-BSN program).
  • Nursing student plans to work in Colorado post-graduation.
  • Nursing student must be willing to fully participate in this program for 1 year.
  • Applicant must be ethnically/racially diverse as defined by HRSA (the source of funds for this program). “For the purposes of this program, the term “underrepresented racial and ethnic minorities” include Black or African Americans, Hispanic or Latinos, American Indians or Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians.”
      1. Economically disadvantaged: An individual who comes from a family with an parent’s annual 2015 income below the levels detailed below:
        1. $24,120 for  family of one
        2. $32,480 for a family of two
        3. $40,840 for a family of three
        4. $49,200 for a family of four
        5. $57,560 for a family of five
        6. $65,920 for a family of six
        7. $74,280 for a family of seven
        8. $82,640 for a family of eight.
        9. Family size includes only dependents listed on federal income tax forms. Some individuals may need to use use the student’s family rather than his or her parents’ family.
      2. Educationally Disadvantaged
        1. Individual comes from a family that receives public assistance (e.g., Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Medicaid, and public housing).
        2. Individual is the first generation in his or her family to attend college.
        3. Individual graduated from (or last attended) a high school that – based on the most recent annual data available- had either a:
          1. Low percentage of seniors receiving a high school diploma; or
          2. Low percentage of graduates who got to college during the first year after graduation
        4. Individual graduated from (or last attended) a high school where – based on the most recent annual data available – many of the students are eligible for free or reduced-price lunches.
        5. Individual graduated from (or last attended) a high school with low per capita funding.Must meet HRSA’s economically and/or educationally disadvantaged background criteria as defined below:

    How do I Apply?

        1. Complete an Online Mentee Application before September 10, 2017. This online application includes space for you to submit a 500 word essay on “Why should I be given this opportunity and how will it help me be successful?”
        2. If you cannot access or submit the online application, please contact Anita Muniz at 303-715-0343 #22.
        3. Contact Amanda Quintana DNP, RN, FNP at or 303-715-0343 ext. 17 with any questions.

    Mentee Application Link


For more information about this program please contact any of the following:

  1. Ashley Gitchel.  303-715-0343 #22
  2. Susan Moyer.   303-715-0343 #11
  3. Amanda Quintana.  303-715-0343 #17