Nursing Student Mentor Program

Mentors (Licensed Nurses)

The Center recruits experienced clinical nurses with a baccalaureate or higher degree in nursing to participate in this year long professional development experience. The Center provides training and support activities for participants to gain the skills and tools necessary to effectively mentor diverse nursing students.

This process begins with the Mentor Training Institute, which is a 2-day workshop to learn foundational skills to be a successful mentor.  The workshop is followed by strategic matching of nursing students (mentees) with trained nurses (mentors) and continuous encouragement through regularly scheduled coaching and supportive peer groups.

Each student mentee is paired with a nurse mentor for one year.  Evidence suggests that having a mentor helps students reach their goals. During the mentoring period, the mentor will:

  1. Serve as a role model and provide guidance
  2. Create a positive mentoring relationship with open communication
  3. Help mentee identify problems/barriers and lead mentee in problem-solving
  4. Offer constructive feedback in a supportive way
  5. Refer mentee to other professional resources as necessary
  6. Acknowledge positive behavior and outcomes
  7. Encourage  mentee through challenges
  8. And much more…

Eligibility Criteria for mentors

  1. You must be passionate about helping students succeed.
  2. Ethnically/racially diverse (as defined by HRSA-see below*) clinical nurses are preferred but not required. Anyone passionate about mentoring and diversity is encouraged to apply.
  3. You must have a baccalaureate degree in nursing or higher to participate.
  4. You must have a current unencumbered nursing license in good standing.
  5. You must commit to working with a mentee for a minimum of 1 year (minimum of 60 minutes/month and be willing to participate in a total of 8 coaching calls with Center staff throughout the year)

Application for the mentoring program is a 2 part process:  1) complete Mentor Training Institute registration form, and 2) complete the mentor application (information from the application is used to appropriately match the mentor and the mentee so please be as specific as possible in your answers. Please click on the links below for application deadlines and more information.  The Mentor Training Institute is offered annually in August.

Mentor Information and Application

Mentor Training Institute Registration


For more information about this program please contact any of the following:

  1. Ashley Gitchel.  303-715-0343 #22
  2. Susan Moyer.   303-715-0343 #11
  3. Amanda Quintana.  303-715-0343 #17