Nurse Community Speakers

Drawing on its extensive network of experienced Colorado nurses, the Center supports a “Speakers Bureau” designed to bring the trusted voice of nursing to a wide range of community and service organizations. With support from The Colorado Trust, the Center provides nurses to make presentations on a wide variety of health-related subjects. Typical presentations last from 15 to 45 minutes. The purpose of these presentations is to help increase awareness of health related issues. The Center has no agenda or ‘ax to grind’, and our speakers are not pushing any specific political or policy agenda. Healthcare is too important to everyone to not learn as much as you can!

To learn more about this program or to request a nurse for your community or service group, please contact Lola Fehr at the Center (303-715-0343 #17, or LolaFehr @

Below is a partial list of topics covered by nurse community speakers in the past. Upon request, additional topics can be explored:

  • Access to Health in Colorado (Overall profile of access to healthcare in Colorado)
  • Connect for Colorado: Accessing the Colorado Health Insurance Exchange
  • Developing Resliency and Responding to Stress
  • Immunizations for Health (What you need to know for children and adults)
  • Issues in Managing Healthcare for Older Coloradans
  • Preparing to Visit Your Primary Health Provider (What to take with you and questions to ask)
  • Ready or Not: Here Comes Healthcare Reform
  • Who Does What In Healthcare? (MDs, PAs, APNs, RNs, and others)
  • Your Healthcare May Not Be Healthy (evaluating your hospital, provider, long term care facility)